AbiogenPharma is committed to the development, production and commercialization of innovative drugs with Quality standards that can help people live in good health, improving their quality of life.


  • Conduct all its activities protecting the Health and Safety of Workers;
  • Respect national laws and regulations and comply with the most rigorous internal standards of safety and health;
  • Recognize that having a complete system for the management of Health and Safety, rooted in company management and based on continuous improvement, is essential in order to gain the leadership in the pharmaceutical sector;
  • Represent the reference picture to define and review company objectives.


  • To respect the laws and regulations on the subject of Health and Safety at work:
  • To guarantee to all the parties involved the respect of a safe place of work and an appropriate health surveillance for employees;
  • To promote the continuous information and training of personnel to consolidate a culture of individual and collective behaviour aimed at protecting Health and at consolidating Safety as moral duties towards oneself, colleagues and the community;
  • To evaluate in advance the impact on the health and safety of employees of all the new activities and of all new products and production processes;
  • To implement measures to ensure that the contractors working on the site on behalf of AbiogenPharma operate according to principles of Safety, Health and Protection of the environment.

To reach these objectives it is crucial to involve, inform and consult all the personnel, even through their Safety Representatives.

The responsibility in the management of Health and Safety at the work place concerns the entire company organization including the Employer, and every single Worker, each in his/her own role and with his/her competences.

All employees are actors in the integration of the initiatives of management of Health and Safety in all their activities. Management representatives and sector heads guarantee with their commitment the achievement of Health and Safety objectives within their area of competence, improving standards to reach the highest possible level.

Management and Directors undertake to guarantee the assignment of the necessary resources to promote, support and apply the Health and Safety Management activities. The Top Management is responsible for setting the objectives, evaluate performances and valorize results in view of constantly improving the Health and Safety performance.