Alfredo Gentili Study Centre

Alfredo Gentili Study Centre: Tradition As An Opportunity

A further demonstration binding Abiogen Pharma to research and the medical and pharmaceutical culture was the creation of Alfredo Gentili Research Centre.

The antique St. Peter’s Church in Malaventre (first half of the thirteenth century) was the culmination of an ambitious and prestigious project of restoration, undertaken in collaboration with the Superintendency for Monuments in Pisa, of what was until yesterday a ruin, though of historical and artistic interest.

The name of the Study Centre was given in memory of Alfredo Gentili, as a recognition for the work done by a man who gave it all to his family, his city and to the development of a Pharmaceutical Company in our Country.

The creation of this study Centre was to promote the exchange and spreading of knowledge between the academic and business world, exploiting the know how gained in the pharmacological and clinical fields with initiatives that characterize the site as a permanent point for national and international meetings and training.

Although small, the conference room is adequately equipped with modern audiovisual and multimedia equipment, and the adjacent rooms are designed to comfortably accommodate Italian and/or foreign guests.


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