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Website- terms and conditions of use

Accessing and browsing the websitewww.abiogen.itas well as downloading and any type of use of its contents are subject to the terms and conditions of use set forth in this document and in the applicable current regulations.

Accessing and browsing this site thus implies the unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditionsin the latest version published on this page.
Abiogen pharma s.p.a. Reserves the right to modify and periodically update the general terms and conditions of use of the site, in which case the changes become effective and binding on site users from the day in which they are posted.

Users are advised to periodically visit this page to be aware of such changes.

Should abiogen pharma s.p.a. Identify in any conduct by users a violation of these terms and conditions it reserves the right to taken any action it deems appropriate, at its sole discretion, and without notice.

The texts, information and other data posted on this site as well as links to other sites on the web are for informational purposes only and should in no way be considered official.

Abiogen pharma s.p.a. Shall not be held responsible for errors or omissions of any kind or for any direct, indirect or accidental damage resulting from reading or using the information posted, or any site content.

The www.abiogen.it website is intended for use and consultation by persons aged over 18. Any requests from under-age persons will not be taken into consideration.

1. Ownership of the websitethis site is registered in the name of abiogen pharma s.p.a., with registered office in pisa, via meucci 36, loc. Ospedaletto, 56121, tax-code 05200381001,vat no 01466740501, registration number in pisa companies register 05200381001, as above € 15.000.000 fully paid -in, which is the owner of the same.

2. Purpose.This website has been designed and developed as a communication platform for users interested in information regarding the company abiogen pharma s.p.a. And its activities.
As part of the content posted by abiogen pharma s.p.a. On this website you may find information for both the general user and information intended for healthcare professionals (doctors and pharmacists), available in a special reserved area with restricted access subject to advance registration and identification.

The contents of the site are not intended for promotional purposes, nor may they in any way be interpreted as an invitation or solicitation to prescribe, supply, purchase or trade abiogen pharma s.p.a. Products

The information on the website regarding the therapeutic areas in which abiogen pharma s.p.a. Is active and supplies products is merely for information purposes and is not intended as healthcare, diagnostic, prescription or treatment advice, nor may it be interpreted to such effect.The user should always contact exclusively his/her own family doctor for healthcare information and for any diagnostic needs and identification of treatment pathways appropriate to the specific case.

3. User commitment.Users acknowledge that accessing and browsing the website, as well as use of the information provided therein is at their sole responsibility.

When browsing the pages of this website users agree and undertake to comply with: a) all the terms and conditions set forth in this electronic document and any other special conditions set out on any page of the said website; b) all current and applicable laws; c) good internet practice (so-called rules ofnetiquette).

Users agree to indemnify abiogen pharma s.p.a. for all claims, damages, liabilities, court proceedings and any other damages or loss resulting from improper use by users of this website content.

All and any statements by users which the companies belonging to the abiogen pharma group should find to be false, incomplete or misleading will be reported to the competent authority, pursuant to and by effect of the criminal code and other applicable laws, without prejudice in any case to abiogen pharma s.p.a.’s rights, including the compensation of damages.

Downloading, viewing and printing of the information on this website is permitted for personal use only. Any use of the site content for non -personal or commercial reasons without the written consent of abiogen pharma s.p.a. Is prohibited.

4. Updating, it security and limitations of liability.Abiogen pharma spa reserves the right to change the website at any time without prior notice.
Although abiogen pharma s.p.a. Does its best to provide up to date and accurate information on the website and to safeguard it security, it cannot provide any guarantee on the contents of the site and the consequences of its use which should therefore be appropriately evaluated by the user. Although abiogen pharma s.p.a. Has prepared the contents of the website to the best of its knowledge and with professional integrity, it shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies, inconsistencies, incompleteness or errors that may appear.

The information on this website may contain technical or typographical errors. Abiogen pharma s.p.a. Reserves the right to make changes, corrections and improvements to such information, products and programmes at any time without notice.

Abiogen pharma s.p.a. Shall not be held liable for use of the site and its contents.

Neither abiogen pharma s.p.a., nor any third party involved in the creation, production and posting of the website may be held liable in any way for any direct, incidental, consequential or indirect damage ensuing from access, use or inability to use the said website or any other website linked to it, or errors or omissions in the contents thereof.

In particular, by way of example, abiogen pharma s.p.a. Shall not be held liable for any lack of accuracy, updating, completeness, adequacy or timeliness of the information contained in the website or for any damage or viruses which may affect the computer equipment or other property of the user as a result of access, use or browsing of the site or downloading of any materials, data, text, images, video or audio from the site.

Abiogen pharma s.p.a. Reserves the right to terminate or suspend the site’s features at any time without such giving rise to the assumption of any liability by it, whether as a result of actions or omissions by abiogen pharma s.p.a. Or by a third-party .

5. Links.The site may present links to other third party sites considered to be of interest to the user. By clicking on the link to such sites, the user leaves the abiogen pharma s.p.a. Website at his/her own free choice and without any compulsion. The information contained in such external sites may not be in line with the provisions of italian law and specifically with those of the legislative decree. 219/2006 which regulates the advertising of medicinal products for human use and is in any case entirely independent and outside the control of abiogen pharma s.p.a. Which refuses all liability in such regard, the link in no way implying approval of the content of the external website activated by the same or any assumption of responsibility by abiogen pharma s.p.a.

Abiogen pharma s.p.a. Specifically reserves the right to invoke termination of the license to access reserved areas of the site and the respective contents, to users responsible for infringement or removal of any information, programme and/or material posted on the website by the said users.

It is understood that abiogen pharma s.p.a. Takes no responsibility for users’ behaviour and that it retains all its rights including compensation for damages.

6. Copyright and other intellectual property rights over the contents and third-party information.Save in the case of a specific written statement by abiogen pharma s.p.a., all the contents posted on the website are protected, as to their use, reproduction and total or partial diffusion, by exclusive intellectual property rights. Abiogen pharma s.p.a. Reserves all rights over such contents, which may be used by users in accordance with current regulations, the conditions or specific further conditions set forth in the other pages of the website with exclusive reference to specific contents. In the absence of the explicit consent of abiogen pharma s.p.a., the contents may not be reproduced, distributed, forwarded and/or transmitted, in part or entirely in any way, on any medium and via any instrument: any reproduction, even partial, of the content of the website on another website or web server will be punished under civil and criminal law.

In the absence of written permission from abiogen pharma, any use of the contents of this website for purposes not strictly personal is in any case prohibited,

The user of the site is acknowledged no right to the economic exploitation of the contents belonging to abiogen pharma s.p.a or of data, information and material appearing on the website belonging to third parties with respect to trademarks, patents, technologies, products, processes or any other intellectual property right of abiogen pharma s.p.a. Or of third parties to whom reference is made in the site.

Abiogen pharma s.p.a. does not offer any guarantee with respect to infringements of third party rights by visitors/users resulting from improper use of the material contained in the site.

Without prejudice to the information covered by the code for privacy protection on the internet, all communications or material possibly transmitted to the site by users via e-mail or any other means, including by way of a non-limiting example, data, questions, comments, tips and the like, will be treated as non-confidential and non-protected information, unless specified otherwise. Abiogen pharma s.p.a. as a result of the transmission acquires the availability of any material uploaded or sent to the site with the widest powers of use including, by way of a non-limiting example, the reproduction, transmission, publication and posting of the same. Abiogen pharma s.p.a. will also be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in the communications received by the website for any purpose including, by way of a non-limiting example, the development, manufacturing and marketing of products based on such information.

8. Processing of users’ personal dataabiogen pharma informs users: a) that, as a result of their access to different areas and pages of the site, it may collect personal data related to identified or identifiable persons; b) that the systems and computer programs which permit the functioning of the website gather, as a part of their normal operation, some personal data of users, the collection of which is needed for the operation of the communication protocols on the internet.

As part of this activity, abiogen pharma could install (even automatically) in the computer hard disk of the users, computer programs, commonly known as “cookies”, through which to collect data on the first level domain name of the user . Such “cookies”, their characteristics and functioning are described in a specific area of the site (cookie policy).

While browsing the website abiogen pharma s.p.a. does not collect any personal user data except with consent, which is always optional. The only consequence of any withdrawal of consent by the user will be the termination of the provision of services offered by abiogen pharma s.p.a. to such users via the site.

Most of the data that abiogen pharma collects through the website is anonymous, such as the data on access to the website pages and searches carried out within the site: anonymous data is processed by abiogen pharma for the sole purpose of improving the content posted on the website, preparing statistical analysis, which only process the aggregated data relating to browsing of the site, and to carry out market research and analysis of the technical functionality of the site.

Browsing the public area of the site is not subject to registration. Except as provided for by these terms and conditions for personal data collected automatically by systems and operating programs of the website and cookies, all the contents posted in the public area are freely available without the user being required to communicate any personal information to abiogen pharma s.p.a. access to the reserved areas is instead subject to the communication of personal data specified in the fields provided in the registration form.

For information concerning personal data and processing of the same, please refer to the dedicated section of the websiteprivacy.