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Employees and third parties, using the methods outlined below, can report any issues related to the non-compliance with the provisions in the Organizational Model, the Code of Ethical Conduct, and the corporate procedures adopted by ABIOGEN PHARMA S.p.A., as well as any violation of national and European Union laws.
The adopted system complies with the requirements of Legislative Decree 24/2023 implementing Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on “the protection of persons reporting violations of Union law and provisions relating to the protection of persons reporting breaches of national legal provisions.”
Reports will be managed in accordance with the procedure adopted by the Company and the attached documents, which can be consulted below:

The Company provides the use of alternative reporting methods:

Electronic channel
Reports can be submitted through the dedicated channel by visiting the following: abiogen.parrotwb.app

Through this channel, it is possible to choose to submit a report even after meeting with the Reporting Management Structure identified by ABIOGEN.

Traditional Mail
By writing to Si.Qu.Am. SRL, Via Marco Polo 72 – 56031 Bientina (PI).
Please write on the label “ABIOGEN PHARMA S.P.A. REPORT – CONFIDENTIAL” and follow the instructions outlined in the procedure.