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Key message: grow in the international panorama. But without losing sight of the character of an Italian and family business.
Starting from its leadership in the Italian market, Abiogen Pharma aims to become an International key player in bone metabolism and musculoskeletal. From 2015 to the present, the internationalization journey has led Abiogen Pharma to commercialize its products in more than 30 countries worldwide, through ditributors and direct presence.

Direct presence

At the end of 2022, the acquisition of the German company Altamedics represented the first step in consolidating Abiogen’s direct presence in the international panorama. A few months later, the acquisition of the Swiss company, Effrx, allows Abiogen Pharma to bring back effervescent sodium alendronate, a key molecule in the treatment of osteoporosis.

The history of Altamedics began in 2009, in Cologne.
The company is strictly focused on the distribution of niche hospital medicines and has over time become a point of reference for the German hospital market.
After the acquisition at the end of 2022, Abiogen’s goal is to find synergies in the portfolios and penetrate the German market with its core products/assets.
Visit the Altamedics website to find out more: https://www.altamedics.de/

Effrx was founded in 2010 in Freienbach, Switzerland. The company is focused on developing and commercializing drugs, particularly for musculoskeletal and rare diseases. With a lean and flexible business model, the company is active in 29 countries and aims to further expand its range of action
Visit the Effrx website to find out more: https://www.effrx.com/


We offer our customers and our partners the highest level of expertise thanks to the know-how acquired over years of productive activities and in-depth knowledge of all the products. Partnerships are part of Abiogen DNA since 2011 and to date, we count more than 20 different partners worldwide.
With the goal of increasing our commercial presence worldwide, we are always willing to create new partnership and to enhance the existing ones.
To find out more about the territories in which we are present and the products available for the international portfolio, visit the LICENSING OUT section.


International sales

The creation of a team entirely dedicated to the internationalization project has enabled Abiogen to grow more and more on the foreign scene, tripling international sales in 5 years. Recent acquisitions, new partnerships and reinforcement of existing collaborations will further accelerate the growth process and the global presence.