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Pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679, Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. hereby informs you that your personal data will be processed in a legal, correct and transparent way. For this reason, Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. would like you to read this NOTICE which describes the way the personal data collected by the Company through this website.

Notice, pursuant to art.13 EU Regulation 2016/679

Data Controller

The Data Controller isAbiogen Pharma S.p.A., represented by DrMassimo Di Martino,based in Ospedaletto (PI), Via Antonio Meucci n. 36; contact details: tel.: 050.3154259; e-mail:

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Valeria Macchia, based in Livorno, Piazza Grande n. 38; contact details: tel.: 058.6883245, e-mail:

Type of data

Most of the pages and/or contents available are freely accessible to users without having to register. To log into some areas of the website or to respond to some enquiries, you might have to log in; such procedure involves filling in some boxes with yournon-sensitivepersonal data. In addition,Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. might come into possession of your personal data if you decide to send them in your emails.

Sensitive data

In addition, Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. may process sensitive data, such as health information (art. 9 EU Regulation 2016/679), to report adverse events or to comply with any legal requirement and/or applicable regulation, or to fulfil any agreement. In such cases, no data will be processed without the user’s consent.

Art. 9.2 lett. a, g and i, EU Regulation 2016/679, applies to the processing of special data.


Browsing information

Only the browsing information, i.e. data that need to be sent to the website for the website management software and the Internet protocols to work, of users who only browse the website (i.e. do not send any email or use any service/feature), are processed. Such information includes, but is not limited to, the IP address or the domain of the computer used to browse the website and other details of the operating system used to connect to the website. The Company will collect these and other data (such as traffic and time spent on the website) merely for statistical purposes and in an anonymous form, to monitor and improve the operation of the website. Such data are not collected to be matched with other information about users and identify them; however, by their own nature, such data may lead to identify the users by processing and matching them with third-party data. Browsing information is usually deleted once anonymously processed but it may be kept and used by the Company to establish and identify any cyber-criminal who may have committed malicious actions against or through the website.


The website www.abiogen.ituses cookies. Cookies are “small text files” – composed of letters and numbers  – “which the websites browsed by the user send to his or her device (usually to a browser), where they are stored and eventually sent back to the same websites the next time the user browses them"; they are used to help website owners measure their traffic, to warn them when a specific website or part of it is browsed, to distinguish users to offer them customised content, or to help the administrators improve the website and the user’s browsing experience.

Cookies cannot be used to have access to other information stored on the user’s device, even if it is there that cookies are downloaded. Cookies cannot upload any code, carry viruses or malware, and are not harmful to the user’s terminal.

Click on this link to find out more about the cookies installed by this website and how to manage your cookie settings.

Purpose and applicable regulations

Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. may process non-sensitive personal data with the user’s consent to provide the services available on the website or to let the user log into a restricted area: Art. 6.1, lett. a EU Regulation /679 applies.

The user’s sensitive and non-sensitive data may be used to manage or report adverse events, pursuant to articles 9.2. lett. a, g and i, EU Regulation 2016/679.

Even if you do not give your consent, your personal data may still be processed to fulfil the legal requirements under art.6.1, lett. c EU Regulation 2016/679or to establish, assert or defend any claim, under art.9.2, lett. f EU Regulation 2016/679or to produce statistics about the use and operation of the website, according to art.6.1, lett. f EU Regulation 2016/679.

Compulsory or optional data provision and consequences of non-response

You are free to provide the personal data entered in your application. If you do not provide the compulsory data, marked by an asterisk, and your consent, your personal data cannot be processed and you will not receive any reply.

Voluntary provision of data

By expressly choosing to send your personal data by email to the addresses listed in, your personal data will be collected for the intended purposes.

Recipients or groups of recipients of personal data

Your personal data may be processed by the staff at Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. or by any third party (e.g. contractors) that the Data Controller may use to provide technical or functional services in connection with the management of the website, provided the Data Controller has appointed them Data Processors and/or has authorised them to process such data.

Transfer of data to third countries

If your personal data are transferred to a third country that does not implement an adequate data-protection system, Abiogen Pharma S.p.A.will make sure your data will be processed in accordance with chapter V EU Regulation 2016/679 .

Retention of personal data and retention criteria

Your personal data will be kept until termination of the agreement or business with the Company or until you ask that they be removed, and for as long as required to fulfil any legal requirement. Such length of time will be based on the rules laid down by EU Regulation 2016/679.


Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. uses technology, security measures, rules and other procedures (e.g. minimisation and pseudonymisation) to protect the users’ personal data from any unauthorised access, misuse, disclosure, loss or destruction, in accordance with Articles 25-32 EU Regulation 2016/679. To keep data secure, Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. uses firewalls and password-protected protection systems that meet the industry standards.

Your rights

Pursuant to articles 15-22 EU Regulation 2016/679, you will be entitled to ask the Data Controller for access to your personal data, to correct or delete them, to restrict the extent to which they are processed or to oppose having them processed at all, by contacting the Privacy Group –

You may withdraw your consent at any time.

You may file a complaint with a Data Protection Supervisor or a Privacy Protection Authority.

Details on the processing of Personal Data
Personal Data is collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

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