MDM Holding s.p.a.

MDM Holding was established on 4th of June 1997 and is the controlling company of AbiogenPharma.

The holding’s function was initially as simple group leader and only in 2004 did it start carrying out an activity of strategic coordination.

Much has changed since 1997: the Holding’s mission is to manage the subsidiaries in a synergic and complementary way in order to implement a gradual process of diversification of activities by exploiting the distinctive peculiarities and the successful know how of each company, centralizing financial management and planning investments in an optimum way.

The spinoff of AbiogenPharma’s R&D Division, which took place in 2011, has been a phase of this project where the subsidiary companies are totally independent from one another, they have very different organizational structures aimed at competing in the best possible way in the various business and market areas they are specialized in.

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