Strategic Directives

In a scenario dominated by the processes of international concentration and integration, a Company strategy geared to change and flexibility is the most valid key to avoid a subordinate role to the globalizing policy of multinational groups. Abiogen Pharma has decided to operate through three integrated units: research, the production of its own and external products and the marketing of its own products and those in license. Its goal is to obtain a real diversification of the activities both for their income and internally within the Business Units. The most important element to achieve the goal of a strong and independent Company identity is the ability to do research.

Abiogen Pharma’s success obtained in the past by the team of researchers that from 1975 were working in the Gentili Research Centre, culminated with the discovery of original molecules from the Bisphosphonates class, that have emerged as the most effective drugs for the therapy of bone disease. In the late 90’s, the doors were opened to the pharmacological field where many medical needs are still to be met. Beyond the more traditional activities in the osteoarticular field and in the product pipeline renovation, tumors and the nervous system pathologies have been selected to be the future areas of interest.

In order to be more adequate and conscious to face efficiently such perspective Galileo Research has been founded, as an Abiogen Research Centre spin-off. Galileo Research has been provided with a solid and skilled management also supported by a prestigious Scientific Board and will be entitled to achieve important results both in scientific or financial field. Innovation is also the key to flexibility and the pivot on which the Manufacturing activity operates at the technologically advanced production site opened in Europe in 2001.

Under the ideal of diversification also lies the marketed product list divided into several therapeutic areas and the brand new Galileo Research, which represents the continuity of R&D activities.

With the marketing of Calciobase and D3Base Junior food supplements, Abiogen has embarked on the development of a multichannel project. Thus, we at Abiogen have begun to develop new communication strategies, aimed to spread the information usually conveyed by means of scientific information directed mainly to medical doctors.

Our challenge is to adapt the scientific communication to the different styles appropriate for the new public we want to speak to.

With this in mind, Abiogen introduces a new professional figure: the Multichannel Manager. The Multichannel Manager, in order to get in touch with a broader public, aims to create synergy between the promotion and scientific information our Reps traditionally entertain in our therapeutic areas, and the new technologies and channels different from the face to face practice.

This represent a natural change in the growth of our Company, as multi-channeling increases the relationship with the general public and increases the value of each and every message, which promptly adapts to the needs of the different users.

Moreover, Abiogen international presence is one of the drivers which will support the company’s growth during the next years. Recent agreements with partners and distributors will allow Abiogen to export more and more “made in Italy” abroad.

Billing 2020

Euro 176.473.000