Strategic Directives

Thanks to a consistent and constant growth during the years, both nationally and internationally, Abiogen Pharma confirms its future focus on an investment and development strategy, based on 4 areas of activity:

  1. R&D on own and third parties molecules;
  2. Production of own and third parties drugs;
  3. Marketing of own and licensed products in Italy;
  4. Marketing of own and licensed products abroad.

The underlying goal is to diversify the activities in a balanced way, aiming at excellence in every single area and investing in competitive factors such as: quality, innovation, technology and human resources.

1)R&D. Starting from the know-how of the Gentili Research Center, able to discover original molecules in the bisphosphonate class, among the most effective drugs in the therapy of bone diseases, Abiogen Pharma founded Galileo Research, preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO). Galileo is competent for drugs, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics and operates on Abiogen proprietary projects and for third parties. Abiogen Pharma R&D also takes care of the development of new products .

2) MANUFACTURING. Innovation and technology are the pillars on which manufacturing activities operate, through a technologically advanced plant, inaugurated in 2001 and subject, over the years, to constant investments. Manufacturing has numerous active partnerships with the most important realities of the international pharma market, operating in the following sectors: Proprietary Product Production, Contract Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Development (CDMO) and Clinical Supply.

3)MARKETING ITALY. Starting from its competitive position and commercial capabilities that have made possible the constant growth over time, Abiogen Pharma has planned for Italy a diversification, either at Therapeutic Area level and Business Model, which will encompass also hospital Medical Devices and "multichannel” go to market strategies (medical, pharmacy, hospital, patient).

4) INTERNATIONAL. International expansion is and will increasingly be one of the key drivers of Abiogen Pharma's growth in the future, thanks to the launch of new products, the opening of direct branches in Western Europe, the entry into new strategic geographical areas such as the Americas, Eastern Europe and China. With this in mind and with a significant timing compared to the historical pandemic period, in 2021 the International Business Unit was created with the aim of approaching and developing the complexity of international business in a structured way.