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Abiogen Pharma is traditionally present in the " Bone Metabolism market ", thanks to the marketing of four bisphosphonates developed in its own Research Center.

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Bisphosphonates were discovered at the end of the 60s and are used in the treatment of metabolic bone diseases. In 2006, together with bisphosphonates, a Vitamin D3-cholecalciferol has been launched in various formulations,. Abiogen Pharma is present in the therapeutic "Inflammatory Painkillers" first with the launch of a combination of acetaminophen and codeine that was accompanied by the full line of formulations based on paracetamol and then with two innovative anti-inflammatory molecules. Abiogen distributes the more recent cross-linked hyaluronic acid, owned by Genzyme-Sanofi, Jonexa (Hylastan SGL-80): a proprietary blend mix of cross-linked and native hyaluronic acid called “soft-gel”.

Since May 2014 Abiogen has made it available an innovative buffered formulation of effervescent alendronate. This formulation strengthens the therapeutic offer in the bone health area that has always been the company’s cornerstone.

From its start-up Abiogen Pharma has been also present in the Respiratory area with a bacterial lysate, a thixotropic gel spray to the oral mucosa and an antibiotic clarithromycin-based. These products have enabled the company to develop a close collaboration with general practitioners with specialists such as pulmonologist and pediatrician.

Abiogen Pharma has provided specialists in diabetology established therapies for the treatment diabetes and Therapeutic Area Dermatology has gained visibility on the national scene thanks to tacalcitol a Vitamin E in high doses. The Department of Dermatology is completed with the marketing of cosmetics line Kouriles characterized by innovative formulations, based on natural ingredients, specifically designed for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis.

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