Medical Sales Representative Organization

In the pharmaceutical industry, the cornerstone of the relationship between a Company and a General Practitioner is represented by the organization of the medical-scientific information.

Abiogen Pharma interprets this relationship as a continuous service of correct information to the medical profession, and devotes its utmost attention to the training of personnel responsible for medical-scientific information.

The Scientific Representative Organization is strictly in compliance to the regulations for Scientific Information (D. Leg.vo 219/06). To best meet the needs of a list that has been enriched with new products, the structure of the Scientific Representatives has gradually been reinforced.

In 1998, the Organization was comprised of 80 external Scientific Representatives and 7 Area Mangers. Today it counts 119 Scientific Representatives spread throughout the country and coordinated by 14 Area Managers and a Sales Director, a Specialist network consisting of 4 Clinical Specialists and a Clinical Specialist Manager who promote the B.Bone medical device.

The Organization is characterized by a very low average age and the presence of female workers above the average of the Italian pharmaceutical market.

The Scientific Representative Organization operates in several market segments and contacts around 50.000 Italian doctors (General Practitioners and Specialists) at least four times a year.

The use of the scientific equipment certified by the guidelines of Farmindustria ensures continuous and detailed updates to the doctors contacted.

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