Products Under Development

Abiogen Pharma inherited the results of many years of R&D activities since the late 70’s in the field of osteoarticular metabolism, leading to the discovery of effective drugs for the treatment of bone pathologies: Bisphosphonates. This success culminated with the transfer of rights on Alendronate to Merck Sharp & Dohme, which then encouraged the Research Centre to look towards the fields of pharmacology where many needs are still to be met and where growing knowledge can create openings to new important achievements.

Today, three bisphosphonates are marketed by Abiogen Pharma: clodronate, alendronate and neridronate.

Especially neridronate is an amino-bisphosphonate used in Metabolic Osteopathy and is the first drug to have obtained the Italian Health Authorities designation for a “rare disease” such as Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Complex regional pain syndrome. Clinical studies are currently being completed to support this drug in new therapeutic indications.

In the osteoarticular field, studies are also underway for new products with a strong chondro-protective action to be used in osteoarthritis. Specifically, various intra-articular formulations of hyaluronic acid associated with other clodronate and collagen compounds are in advanced clinical stage in order to offer the doctor more options depending on the type of patient.