Abiogen Pharma has always been present in the dermatological area aiding the specialist and the general practitioner by offering therapeutic solutions for the improvement of various skin pathologies.

With regard to psoriasis, Abiogen Pharma has acquired visibility on the national scene with a drug for topical use contributing to its clinical development. Psoriasis is a chronic illness that can have a considerable physical impact, though it is worth remembering that it is not merely an aesthetical problem and that even people who only slightly suffer from it recognize the negative effects it has on their everyday life. It is therefore important that the patient can have access to therapeutic solutions that guarantee an excellent level of compliance.

The Dermatological Area is completed by a biological antioxidant of lipid structures, useful in preventing skin ageing.

In late 2016 Abiogen Pharma launched a drug for topical use also as a therapy for atopic dermatitis, with an innovative formulation and a high degree of cosmeticity.