The world of pain, often associated with the pain due to inflammation, is an everyday matter for physicians as it is the main reason patients require a visit.

The pain is often the symptom of various pathologies, acute or chronic, and, besides the physical implications, it often has psychological/emotional consequences.

Today patients have the possibility of accessing therapies for the treatment of pain, thanks also to a right provided for a law of the State.The aims of law 38/2010 are expressed in article 1 which establishes the citizen’s right to receive such treatment with the respect of his/her dignity and autonomy, without discrimination (equity of access) and with the guarantee of receiving an appropriate quality treatment.

Law 38/2010 has not only defined “the patient’s right not to suffer uselessly” but has also mentioned how to ensure and safeguard this right.

Abiogen Pharma is present in the therapeutic area of “Pain” with a complete and complementary line of products for the management of pain of the inflammatory type and also of the non inflammatory/neuropathic type.

Abiogen is also active in the field of viscosupplementation with two medical devices class III.