From the start Abiogen Pharma has operated in the Respiratory Area in close collaboration with general practitioners and specialists alike including nose and throat specialists, lung specialists and pediatricians offering solutions for the management of respiratory infections.

Infections of the upper respiratory airways are one of the most common reasons for seeking medical advice and they affect people of all ages. They are seasonal ailments that reach their peak in winter. But apart from flu, which often represents the first infective episode, there is the problem of the recurrence of infection of the respiratory airways, frequent in children, but not negligeable also in adults.

Recurrent or chronic infections of the low respiratory airways can be supported by bacteria and viruses, rarely by mycetes. Clinically they are characterized by fever (present in the most serious forms), productive cough with a yellow-greenish expectoration, shortness of breath, thoracic pain, at times the cough is dry and nocturnal and is associated with a lower tone of the voice or aphonia.

There are categories of people who are more at risk for this type of infection, and these include: • infants • the elderly • cardiopaths • diabetics • the immunodepressed

  • infants
  • the elderly
  • cardiopaths
  • diabetics
  • the immunodepressed

and also all those patients who already suffer from chronic respiratory pathologies (chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema) or who present risk factors such as smoking. For these reasons it is advisable to arrange a prevention programme for them, besides using anti-influenza vaccines.