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Abiogen Pharma completes the acquisition of Effrx

23 May 2023by abnchief

PISA, Italy, 29 May 2023 — Abiogen Pharma S.p.A., Italian leading company in the field of osteoarticular and bone metabolism diseases, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a 97,09% stake in EffRx Pharmaceuticals SA, a Swiss company that develops and markets prescription drugs targeted in particular to musculoskeletal and rare pathologies on European and international markets.
The key active agent developed by EffRx is buffered soluble alendronate which belongs to a class of non-hormonal pharmaceuticals known as bisphosphonates. This medication has been distributed in Italy by Abiogen Pharma since 2014 under a licence agreement. This deal, completed just a few months after the acquisition of the German company Altamedics at the end of 2022, is intended to consolidate the internationalization strategy that started back in 2015 and is a further step towards achieving an ambitious goal.