03 stabilimento abiogen B v2

Technical Area

Particular attention was paid to the functionality of the production area with the creation of a technical area of over 10.000 m2 built on the upper floor of the production building, separating the utility machinery from the production area hence simplifying maintenance and repair.

Plants and Production Capacity

The manufacturing activities are conducted at the Ospedaletto site facilities (Pisa) offering the production of oral solids, injectables, semi-solids, oral liquids and secondary packaging.


  • Oral solids: naked and/or covered tablets, or hard capsule
    350-400 tons
  • Injectables: sterile aseptic ampoules and terminal sterilization
    35 million ampoules
  • Semisolids: ointments, creams, gels
    8 million pieces
  • Oral liquids: drops, syrups, emulsions
    45 million pieces
  • Secondary packaging: all formulations stated
    65 million pieces

The production site also has a fully equipped area at hand to be allocated to the doubling of oral solids and an expansion area ready to take on new production technologies.